Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2021!

From Eurogame we wish you a good year. We started this 2021 with a lot of enthusiasm and desire to offer you more interesting articles. We want to continue to accompany you and give you advice on hospitality and gaming.

In this year we left behind we have talked about trends in recreational machines like Novo Line Gold. We have also explained the benefits of having these machines in the bars, highlighting greater profitability and customer loyalty. In addition, we have shown the procedure to follow for the installation of recreational machines at bars and restaurants. Similarly, we have considered it important to share news about the sector such as the celebration of the National Hospitality Day or the creation of the first official table football of the women's national team. Also, given the new reality due to the Covid-19, we wanted to write specific articles to help you cope with this situation. Therefore, we have given you advice and recommendations to manage your premises in the best way or to set up a new bar-restaurant, taking into account the new health standards and the current scenario. In addition, we have provided you with information regarding hospitality grants to help you keep your business afloat after the closing obligation of the sector. Finally, we have also wanted to explain curiosities about recreational machines such as their evolution and operation over the years.

This 2021 is full of new trends and novelties that we want to share with you. We want to continue to give you ideas and advice that will lead you to success in your business. We would also like to thank you for trusting us to follow us article after article and to choose us to make your hospitality projects reality. In this year we start, we continue working to provide you with the best solutions in recreational machines.

We want you to get wherever you want with your premises!

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