How to attract customers to my bar

What does the bar next to mine to be always overflowing with customers while in my business I hear echo when speaking? If you ask yourself something like this every day and you are certain that neither its prices nor its products are better than yours, the answer is surely in how the business is promoted. Do you think online marketing can be of little help to attract customers? There's your biggest mistake. Apply some of these strategies and check how customers are coming to your premises.

1. Do you cook a very tasty croquetas? Well, wheter they are croquetas or whatever dish it is, base your campaign on it. That your bar becomes the bar of the best croquetas in your city, that everyone knows it and spreads it. You will pass from being one more to being the best in something.

2. Your website does not need to be a huge portal. It will suffice with a site, with good images (videos if it is possible) and with the basic information for the users (menu, address, timetable...). If you allow online bookings, much better (if you don't, you can always do it through social networks).

3. Geolocation in search engines. Fundamental to use SEO so that your place appears in the first positions for someone who is looking for a bar in your area through his computer or, more and more dominant, his smartphone. Google My Business account essential and advisable to appear on Foursquare, Yelp...

4. Blog. It can help you to differentiate your business from your competitors. Not every bar has a blog. And you sure have a lot to tell. There are a lot of bar stories...
5. Social networks. Facebook is probably where you will find more potential customers. Create a fan page and interact with your followers. Instagram or Pinterest are the ideal channels to broadcast the best images of your dishes.
6. Offer free wifi in your business. Believe it or not, it often decides the final destination of many customers over the food or dinner.
7. Competitions and online raffles.
8. Influencers who speak well of your bar. It is also important to have reviews from satisfied customers, even if they have less impact.
9. Presence in comparison pages or directories of the hospitality and catering industry.
10. Newsletters via email.
11. Events, tastings and pairings retransmitted via streaming.

12. Media appearances to consolidate the prestige of your brand and/or web. 

Source: Romualdfons