How to attract customers to your bar or restaurant in local festivities

Seize the opportunity

The village festivities in summer are moments of meeting and celebrating for youth groups and families. They like to enjoy the concerts outdoors while sipping a cool drink. That's why if you run a bar or a restaurant you should make the most of this impulse to attract these customers and make the more income the better. Here are some tips to help you differentiate yourself from other premises and attract as many customers as possible.

  • Create a special drink: many people attend concerts or just go for a walk and need a refreshing drink. Make a drink that is easy to prepare, with or without alcohol, and that catchs their attention.
  • Make “snack + drink” packs: when people go out to enjoy the festivities, they don’t usually want to eat a long meal with table talk. Think of a "take away" offer that is easy to eat, and affordable for them.
  • Make a “Special menu”: although in the previous point we have commented that people do not want to make long meals, this is not like this the official day of the festivities. It's that day where the whole family meets to eat together and celebrate. So, to attract customers that day, it can be very interesting to prepare an attractive menu, especially if you are a restaurant.
  • Put a small bar next to the door: it doesn't have to be very big, simply that you can serve customers passing quickly. At least, put in a small fridge with soft drinks and a beer dispenser with  “popular prices”.
  • Think of the little ones: the local festivities are also enjoyed by the children, especially during the day. So we have to think about them and also prepare them a special drink, a festivity menu, etc. In the end, attracting the little ones we will also attract their parents.
  • Study the festivities programme: check the schedule and activities of the celebration and so you will know when you will have the opportunity to attract customers to your bar and how it will be better to do it.
  • Make a gift: giving your customers a special glass, a fan, a hat, etc. can be a way to reward their loyalty and attract them back to your premises.
  • Organise small events or a bar route with the businesses in your area: get included in the party programme and organise a small concert, a Tapa route along with other establishments, etc.
  • Recreational Machines: the influx of customers to your bar will not only benefit you in the service of food and drinks but will also increase the number of players to the recreational machine in your bar. So make sure your recreational machine is in a visible place.

We advise you to get the largest number of customers

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