How to increase the benefits of your premises with recreational machines

Having a hospitality business is anything but easy, despite the idea that may exist. Those who manage cafeterias, breweries, bars or restaurants, you all know how difficult it is to balance the accounts at the end of the month. Therefore, we try to guide you by providing marketing ideas or saving in lighting, so that the numbers are somewhat kinder on the 30th day. This time we talk about the recreational machines in order to obtain a fixed income at the end of each month.

Which recreational machine to choose? 

First of all it is necessary to be aware that in the market there are several models of recreational machines. Not all of them give the same profitability. Each Machine has a game and features and the machine that works perfectly in Huesca may not be so popular with the customers of a bar in Barcelona. That is why it is interesting to find out about market trends and what is most successful to choose a recreational machine that is really profitable when you install it on the premises. In this regard, it is perhaps more interesting to opt for independent operators of recreational machines, because they are not linked to any manufacturer and therefore can offer all kinds of machines attending only to whether they are profitable or not, and not who manufactures them.

Advantages of having recreational machines in your premises: 

-An esssential for many customers

It Is said that man is an animal of customs and indeed that plays a role when counting income at the end of the month. In what way? In Spain, long ago, the recreational machines are part of the scene of leisure and therefore there are many people who have been raised to the sound of these machines and are accustomed to throw some coins in their favorite game while enjoying a good beer. If you take away part of that equation by denying them the recreational machine, they probably prefer to go to another bar. So respect the tastes and customs of the clientele and you will be ensuring their satisfaction and, more interesting, their return. After all, the fact that the man is a customs animal is going to play in your favor, because if you offer everything the customers want in your premises, they will not have to make the effort to find another place. And a loyal customer is the best thing that can happen to a business.

-Loyalty to your machine

Delving a little more into what we commented now, customers can also become loyal to your recreational machine. For what reason? Sometimes there is no specific reason but rather a series of factors that make a customer feel more comfortable in one place than in another. And ideally, that it is yours. Although one powerful reason is that, as we said before, you give the customer the game he likes the most. If your customers are fans of RF Neopolis, do not put the Camping Cash. If you add perfect lighting to play for a while without having eyestrain to the RF Neopolis, or that there is a school opposite and your machine is the perfect way to kill the time until the parents have to go to pick their children up... Create something different and you'll have loyal customers.

-More consumptions 

There are secondary reasons that make a recreational machine a great option for any hospitality business; like it increases your profit in consumptions. Those who have a drink while they are playing a game often drink sip to sip and distracted, so that they will easily have finished their drink before they realize it. And they will order another drink. That multiplied by the number of customers who play on your recreational machine (or machines) gives a juicy extra to your total cash.

-Fixed Benefits 

 And another key that should not be forgotten about why you want to have a recreational machine in your premises is this, no doubt. The recreational machines require a few coins in exchange for granting a play time (with a prize option in type B machines). That means that at the end of the month you will have a guaranteed collection only from the machine. And it is not bad to have that fixed income. In cases where recreational machines earn more money they can pay the rent of the premises. So you don't have to disregard them.

In Spain the game sector represents 5% of GDP and moves 27.5 million euros only in the area of Catalonia, for example. It is worth taking advantage of this option if it will result in good profits for your business.

Source: Barra de Ideas