How to install a slot machine in your bar

How to install a slot machine in your bar

When we decide to set up a bar we should consider what is our business idea: what kind of products we want to offer our customers and what competitive advantages we will have to differentiate ourselves from other premises. Therefore, you choose to place a slot machine. But, What is the process to follow in order to install it? How does income distribution work? How do I know which machine is best for my bar? These are some of the questions you can ask yourself and that we'll explain below.

  • Administrative procedures: first of all, a salesperson of the company contacts you in order to advise you and provide you with the necessary paperwork. Once the contract is signed, all we have to do is place the machine and get it ready to play.
  • Income sharing: installing slot machines you get a percentage of the revenue with a permanence time. These parameters vary according to the agreement. You should keep in mind that not all bars are the same. Factors such as location or features of the premises make that we obtain more or less profit. So, from Eurogame we will make a proposal according to the possibilities of your business. 
  • Slot machines: to decide which machine model best suits each bar a study is carried out where we analyse variables such as the zone and the clientele. You should take into account that in every geographic area some types of machines are more used than others. It's also important to detect the needs of your bar's target audience when choosing the right model. 

We advise you to get the most out of it

At Eurogame we want to help you develop your hospitality business. In addition, our priority is to make you obtain the maximum performance from the slot machines of your bar. Consult our catalogue of recreational and slot machines here. Learn more about us here.