How to set up a bar-restaurant in the Covid-19 era

Entrepreneurship is possible

It is well known that periods of crisis are times of reflection and brainstorming for new projects. You want to provide a solution to the changing needs of the market. Although setting up a business in times of recession carries greater risk does not mean that it is unworkable. So, you choose to open a bar-restaurant. The lifestyle in our country leads to placing the bars and terraces in one of the most important businesses for the economic activity. But, what are the factors to consider in order to ensure the success in the current scenario? We will reveal them to you below.

  • Delivery and Takeaway: during the confinement because of the Covid-19, Delivery and Takeaway have been two key points for bars and restaurants. The inability to open the doors of these premises has made their owners see these alternatives as a solution to continue their activity. Although the confinement is now over, many people continue to use Delivery and Takeaway to flee the crowds, and thus, avoid possible contagion. Therefore, it is essential that when looking for a place for our establishment we take into account its logistical capacity to be able to offer these services. So, in the new reality having Delivery and Takeaway will be a strong point for our business. 
  • The bar: there were many premises where the bar formed the heart of the place. It was conceived as a central element where customers consumed and chatted. Now, with the current situation because of the pandemic, the need to transform this space as a place of supply has emerged, leaving aside its former function. 
  • Profitability-focused business model: in the current scenario getting big sales figures is not easy. The recession and the Covid-19's continued outbreaks cause economic instability. Therefore, business models focused on sales volume tend to be unworkable. So, we must focus on applying the optimal margin to our products in order to cover the costs and generate profits.
  • Digitalisation of the business: as a result of the pandemic we have been forced to reduce objects that pass from hand to hand like menus. Therefore, the digitalisation of these elements using QR codes is essential to prevent the spreading of the virus. So, it is important to create a responsive website of our bar or restaurant where the menu must be easily readable. 
  • Hygiene and disinfection: to ensure the maximum safety of our business it is essential to follow the hygiene and disinfection protocols stipulated by the Ministry of Health. Therefore, we must clean and disinfect the tables and chairs used after each customer. In addition, surfaces such as the bar, cash register or kitchen will also have to be disinfected daily. It is also important to provide disinfectant gel to customers at the entrance of the establishment. 
  • Recreational machines: managing a bar or a restaurant involves dealing with a number of monthly expenses such as rent, electricity and water, suppliers, etc. So, sometimes we would appreciate an extra income to get to the end of the month without worries. That's why we propose you the recreational and slot machines as a good option to increase your business turnover. Moreover, you will diversify the offer of your place turning the game into one more attraction of your establishment. 

We accompany you on the take-off of your business

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