Innovation and Excitement in Your Bar: Discover the NOVO LINE Supra Cash from NOVOMATIC

An UnSUPeRable Variety

In the vibrant world of bars and restaurants, offering unique and exciting experiences to your customers is key to standing out. The NOVO LINE Supra Cash from NOVOMATIC is the natural evolution of the acclaimed NOVO LINE Royal Cash Deluxe, designed to take fun and entertainment to another level. This hospitality machine not only offers a sophisticated design but also features a diverse gallery of 16 games divided into three categories: Classics, Specials, and Jackpot, ensuring every customer finds their favorite game.

Games for All Tastes

The NOVO LINE Supra Cash offers a selection of games that capture the essence of both classic and innovative. The Classic games bring back the nostalgia of timeless titles, while the Special games introduce new mechanics and themes to surprise players. The Jackpot games, on the other hand, add an extra element of excitement, allowing customers the chance to win big prizes.

The Plus Continues in New Hospitality

The gaming experience is significantly enhanced thanks to the Winner HD+ cabinet, specially chosen to house the NOVO LINE Supra Cash. This cabinet features 27” Open Frame monitors, providing clear and immersive game visuals. The control panel is easy to remove, facilitating maintenance and cleaning, and the NV22 Spectral banknote acceptor with recycler ensures efficient cash management, minimizing issues and improving customer satisfaction.

Advantages for Your Bar

  • Increased Stay Time: With a machine offering such a variety of games and an attractive visual environment, your customers will spend more time at your bar, enjoying the experience.
  • Additional Revenue: The excitement of the Jackpot games can incentivize customers to play more, increasing your revenue.
  • Easy Maintenance: The design of the Winner HD+ cabinet and the removable control panel make maintenance straightforward, keeping the machine operational at all times.
  • Efficient Cash Management: The NV22 Spectral banknote acceptor with recycler reduces interruptions and ensures the machine always has enough change available, enhancing the customer experience.

Take Your Bar to the Next Level

Incorporating the NOVO LINE Supra Cash from NOVOMATIC into your bar will not only attract more customers but also give regulars a reason to stay longer and enjoy a superior gaming experience. With its innovative design and wide variety of games, this machine is a sure investment for any establishment looking to stand out in the competitive hospitality industry.

Don't wait any longer; transform your bar into the epicenter of fun with the NOVO LINE Supra Cash and discover how innovation and entertainment can take your business to new heights.