Recommendations and measures against Covid-19 for your bar

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After almost 3 months you can finally open the doors of your bar. However, given the moment in which we live, we must follow current health regulations to prevent the spread of the virus. Aren't you sure of what hygiene protocols you have to follow in order to restart the activity of your business? We explain you below. 

  • Daily ventilation and disinfection: overcrowding and lack of fresh air promote transmission of the virus. Therefore, we must make sure that our premises are properly ventilated. In addition, we have to clean and disinfect the surfaces of our establishment daily: tables, chairs, bar, kitchen, etc. Domestic bleach is very effective for disinfection of places where the virus may be. Also utensils, crockery and cutlery. The dishwasher is a good choice if high temperatures are used (recommended at 80ºC). We should also check that handwashing areas and utensils are supplied with disinfectant soap and hand drier paper.
  • Tablecloths and napkins: we will prioritize the use of single-use tablecloths. If this is not possible, we should wash the tablecloths and napkins at 60ºC. In addition, we must make available to the public dispensers of hydroalcoholic gels or disinfectants with virucidal action.
  • Menus, payment and self-service products: we will avoid the use of common menus as they are an important focus of contagion. Instead, we will use digital menus via QR codes. In relation to the payment of consumptions we will foster payment by card. So self-service products such as napkin holders, toothpick holders, vinegar bottles, oil bottles and other similar utensils will be removed, prioritizing disposable monodose.
  • Service: in case of services that do not allow the maintenance of the interpersonal safety distance, workers must use protective equipment appropriate to the level of risk that ensures both their protection and the customer's.
  • Food handling: we must avoid simultaneous handling of food and handling of cash. We need to wash our hands before we start cooking. We also need to keep food at the right temperatures and cool it quickly if they are not going to be consumed immediately. Moreover, it is important to keep all surfaces where food is handled clean and sanitized.
  • Recreational machines: from Eurogame we want to provide you with maximum security for you and your customers. Therefore, the operations carried out by our collectors and technicians in your establishment will be done according to the current health regulations. In addition, we have developed a cleaning and disinfection protocol for our machines to ensure appropriate hygiene measures. In this way, when our staff proceeds to collect and repair the machines in your premises they will also clean and disinfect them properly. Even so, it is recommended to also clean the machine every time a player finishes playing to further prevent the spread of the virus. To disinfect it you can use a solution of water and bleach, hydroalcoholic gel or virucidal spray.

The measures and recommendations set out are applicable for the different phases of deconfinement. However, later the prevention measures of Covid-19 marked by the Ministry of Health may vary.

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