SELAE, eleventh company with the most bill and the first in the gaming sector

As our Professor Gómez Yáñez said a few days ago in the presentation of the book of CEJUEGO, Game and Society, the spanish people pay double tax: one, which corresponds as current taxation, and the other, when buying state lotteries and bets. He was absolutely right and this ranking corroborates it. SELAE is a collection monster and is getting bigger thanks to the double tax paid by the Spanish to the State.

Thus, in a classification prepared by El Economista and where the companies with the highest turnover within the national territory are reflected in 2017, the State Lottery and State Betting Society appears in the eleventh position.

The relationship is headed by Mercadona, whose revenues of 21,011,533,000 euros make it lead with solvency ahead Repsol Petroleum, with 19,179,161,000 euros and CEPSA with 16,154,430,000 euros to close the podium.

The energy sector is very present in this ranking and the aforementioned previous companies are also joined by Repsol Comercial de Productos Petrolificos, CEPSA Trading and Endesa in fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively.

To find the first name of the gaming and entertainment industry, you have to dive to the eleventh position nationwide and in the eighth only counting the province of Madrid, where SELAE and its 563 employees are located, with a turnover of 8,918. 719,000 euros and some assets worth 22,687,213,000 euros that makes him lose a place with respect to the report of the previous course.

In relation to the report regarding 2018, growth in both sales and assets is estimated at close to 1%.

Much further appears, at the moment, CIRSA with 290,417,383 euros, but endowed with spectacular growth with an improvement of 10,050 positions in relation to the previous cycle that makes believe that in the next update, it could rise even more.

Source: Infoplay