The ARCADE Association stages its apology for pinball

ARCADE lived its first WL Tournament of classic and modern Pinballs in l'Hospitalet attracting 32 participants and demonstrating the passion and cult of this timeless social phenomenon.

It was an exquisite and diligent organization of the ARCADE team before and during the development of this ' Win & Loser ' tournament, in other words, ' a double elimination ', which takes as a benchmark a very common option in the game of competition in video games: there is a direct elimination, but those who lost the first time had a second chance.

ARCADE took care of all the details: this association cleaned and prepared the 30 pinballs (19 ' modern ', covering titles from the years 1991 to 2017, and 11 ' classics ', which recovered references from 1965 to 1991) used for the competition; it also redistributed the premises with spaces to ensure greater amplitude and comfort. The players wore dorsals with an assigned number; each pinball had a card with its name and date of manufacture, and each participant had a bag with a T-shirt of the tournament, a poster, an accreditation and a consumption voucher. And all this thanks to these pinball enthusiasts who use their own income as they constitute a non-profit entity.

32 participants competed in the final playoffs in ' Freeplay ' mode from 18:30 h. The great winner was César ' Pipo ' from Zaragoza, who prevailed over the best of five pinballs Eduardo ' Eanay ' for 3-1 in the category of ' classics ', and Toni Pinball project was the winner in the category of ' moderns ' for 3-0.

Congratulations to the ARCADE team for the passion they continue to transmit in all their projects of promotion and expansion of the recreational machines, this time with the pinball as the focus.

Source: Joc Privat