The best of Novo Line in a single slot machine

Practicality and innovation come together in a luxury novelty: Novo Line Gold

Can you imagine a recreational machine that has the most popular games on the market? Also, a machine that is attractive and easy to use for the player thanks to its physical features? So, Novomatic has made this possible with the launch of its latest product, the Novo Line Gold. In the hospitality venues, we have seen in recent years the success in collection of their predecessors, the Novo Line II and Novo Line III. Now, the new Novo Line Gold delights us with the best qualities if these two, and also adds interesting novelties for the players. Find out in this article.

  • Esthetic and decoration: this mixed machine features eye-catching gold-colored side vinyls, giving it an exclusive and differentiating touch. The only button is a great saving in spare parts and is the same for multigames and traditional play. So, this brings comfort and usability to the player. It also has a playing pedal that is an important innovation in order to minimize manual contact due to the current pandemic scenario in which we find ourselves.
  • Games layout and software: while the Novo Line III features a single screen with nine games, the Novo Line Gold has two screens with sixteen top games intuitively distributed on them. In addition, it has a new optimized basic game.
  • The best Novo Line games: what makes this machine unique is the inclusion of the most popular games of other Novomatic products. Therefore, it has Joker de Oro and Bruno, among others, which are the best games of Novo Line III. It also includes American Poker II, the successful game of Novo Line II. In addition, it attracts not only players from bars and cafes but also from game rooms as it incorporates the most acclaimed games of this product line. We highlight Galactic Cherry of Novo Line Giga Star Deluxe and Amazon Diamonds of Impera. And if that were not enough, Novo Line Gold introduces a new Asian-themed game: Asian Fortunes, which is an important attraction specially for the remarkable segment of players from Asia. 

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