The football of the future arrives: 4K screen and without physical movement of the bars

Classic table football players are reluctant to disappear. There's no doubt. But in addition, they compete with new versions such as the one shown below and that is causing a furor on social networks. It is an avant-garde digital table football that has a 4K screen as a playground.

One of the most popular games in bars and recreation rooms in Spain, lives a new attempt to reinvent itself. And it does so through an avant-garde design that has a 4K screen as a playind field. Although there are already mentions on the internet since 2017, it is now, thanks to its impact on social networks, when it has gained fame and when the media specialized in technology and video games have fallen in love with this product.

An interesting detail is that the iron sticks with which the action is executed allow to feel the ball, although it is digital, because they are equipped with a haptic vibration that replicates the sensation of hitting the ball. So although we believe that this functionality that allows the movement of the players' wrists to be transmitted to the screen without there being a displacement or physical movement, moves this football away from its classic predecessors, we can face a game capable of conquering new generations.

Source: Infoplay