The working future of the hospitality industry

Randstad Research conducts a prospective study of the hospitality industry. This report is the result of a work with almost 900 companies from 13 different sectors operating in Spain, including 46 companies in the hospitality industry. 

The hospitality sector is one of the most important in the national economy, and the last few years have been very positive for the sector. In 2017 the hospitality turnover amounted to 119.824 million euros, which represented in terms of VAB 6.8% of national GDP.

In the third quarter of 2018, according to the survey of the active population (EPA), the hospitality industry gave employment in Spain to 1,85 million people, which represents 9.5% of the total occupied.

What prospects are expected in terms of job creation? More than half of the companies have increased their workforce in the last 12 months and are committed to the strategy of short-term growth, therefore, the forecast of the economic situation is positive for the economy of the country and the industry.

The lack of talent is another important problem in the sector, more pronounced than in many others, almost four out of ten companies (39%) are affected.

Source: Randstad Research