You can buy the most expensive table football in the world for 80,000 euros

Where are the paintings and sculptures that inspire the football passion?, wondered Jacques Lichtenstein, a footballer's agent for 26 years. He felt empty at the moment when he saw his wardrobe full of T-shirts and all sorts of unusual merchandisig that simply printed the seal of a club, but did not express the feeling that had given meaning to his life.
The agent shared his uneasiness with the Belgian international PSG Thomas Meunier. Thus, entered the scene "Play it Art" a company that finances works of art with football as a claim. The football and art alliance works as follows: the artists present the project and, if they convince their ideologues, they will finance them and give them total creative freedom.
They have seven creators for the moment, among them the catalan graffiti artist GR170. Around 25 works attest the success of the project, among them we find reformulated newspaper's covers, football fields built with neons or images of barbies footballers with a price of 19,900 euros the piece. The most anticipated and media work is an elegant silver table football that costs 80,000 euros.
Today Lichtenstein's ambition displays in a physical address: the number 415 of Avenuie Luoise of Brussels, an elegant boutique of luxury goods on whose hangers rest hand sewn garments and suits of the best European tailor shops.

The table football has become the focus of all attention in the shop. It is a work of Stéphane Cipre, who shaped the fetish of the king of sports lovers for 6 months in aluminium and leather.

The idea, according to its creator, was that the buyer interacted with art: "We have placed it leaning so that people can have a good view of the rug, which is made of leather. But it is absolutely conceived to play". Claims Liechtenstein.

On the article are engraved the professions that would fill the VIP zone: politicians, singers, models or entrepreneurs. On the other hand, on the body of each player his name is registered. The selection of chosen stars brings together: Sergio Ramos, Messi, Puskas, Di Stéfano, Pelé, Eusebio, Maldini, Buffon, Cannavaro, Cruyff y Maradona. Cristiano Ronaldo is not present.

A maximum of 10 models will be built, destined to decorate the houses of the king of sports lovers. Exclusivity is the creed of the brand founders, that define the acquisition of the product not only as an object of whim but as an investment. 

Source: ABC